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Below are the most frequently asked questions about our maid services, pricing and office management. Want to know more? For specific questions about maid services or employment, please contact us.

This popular cleaning question can be tricky to answer accurately without first seeing your home. Providing an hourly rate isn’t something we do at Merry Maids. Hourly rates provide an opportunity to show a low price and then upcharge to complete the job, generally known in sales as a “bait and switch”. Instead, we assess your home and provide a fixed price based on what your home needs. No bait and switch here. Just a reliable house cleaning customized to your home and your specific needs. We encourage you to let us pay you a visit and perform a FREE in-home cleaning consultation. Together we can establish what cleaning services best suit you.
Yes, we have and will bring everything needed for each cleaning. From our proprietary cleaning solutions that avoid using harsh chemicals, to our systematic approach to home cleaning, you’ll see a continual improvement in your home’s cleanliness. Our own Merry Maids branded, specially formulated and green certified cleaning products provide a high level of cleaning and sanitation. We guarantee their safety and effectiveness on all surfaces in your home. Additionally, we use colour coded microfiber cloths that eliminate the potential for cross-contamination from other rooms and cleaning surfaces. Our systematic approach to home cleaning is also highlighted by our capture and removal process. With our systems, our specialized products and vacuums that meet and surpass the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label certification remove more dust and dirt, consistently improving the cleanliness of your home and improving indoor air quality. We treat your home as if it was our own and provide full accountability for a safe cleaning.
While most of our customers prefer a weekly cleaning on a regularly scheduled day, we also clean homes biweekly or even monthly. One-time cleaning is available as well, if that best suits your cleaning needs.
There is usually a team of two maids on a scheduled cleaning day. This can change depending on a few factors. The first is if you need a fast cleaning before an event. We may send 3 maids to get the job done quicker. Another scenario may be if your home isn't very big. In that case, one maid may be able to perform a cleaning more efficiently on their own. We always consult with you and would be happy to let you know how many maids will be in your home during your FREE in-home cleaning consultation.
We always try to be consistent every time we perform a cleaning of your home. With that said, at least one of the two maids assigned to your home will return on a regular basis. We will always try to have both members return but sometimes another cleaning may call for one maid to be elsewhere. By having at least one regularly scheduled maid perform a cleaning, we ensure any details you may have requested will be taken care of.
In order to have a better chance of requesting a specific time for a cleaning, we recommend signing up for early morning or late evening cleaning service. This can help us arrive at the scheduled cleaning time without the delays of traffic or if another customer requests a little extra cleaning help at the end of a cleaning. If you prefer we perform a cleaning in the middle of the day, we will provide you with the approximate time of our arrival.
Merry Maids is an established cleaning service with more than 35 years of experience cleaning homes professionally. This is our main focus and we take pride in the work we do. The whole experience starts by quoting your home based on your specific needs. Rather than quote hourly rate, we take the time to find out the details of your home by providing a FREE consultation. This allows you to have your questions answered, as well provide us with your needs to quote your home accurately. Hourly can tend to leave you paying more to get the job completed the way you want, generally known in sales as a “bait and switch”. At Merry Maids, we deliver one price to complete the cleaning, based on your specific needs. After all, quality customer service is something we focus on from start to finish. We have offices all around the world, each as dedicated as we are to providing the best experience for our customers, every time.
If there is ever a problem or you simply would like to change something about the cleaning you are receiving, we encourage you to contact us. At Merry Maids of Mississauga, we work hard to provide the exact cleaning you want and always look forward to hearing from you.
It's easy to purchase gift cards for a cleaning. Just visit our Purchase Gift Card section for more information..
We always advise meeting with you before suggesting how much to spend on a gift card for cleaning. If this is a surprise gift, we understand and would be happy to learn more about the home. Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to make suggestions as to how much you should spend on a cleaning gift card.