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Today's lesson: Cleaning up clutter

Today's lesson: Cleaning up clutter


Today's lesson: Cleaning up clutter

Reducing clutter is a goal we've all set for ourselves at one point or another. Whether it's chores, errands, seeing friends or any other of life's little distractions, clutter can be put aside, creep into your home and pile up before you know it. Thankfully, it doesn't take much to take back your home.

To start, you'll need to take a sweep of your home. Keep an eye out for things you haven't used in a while. This can mean going through your closets for outfits that you've fallen out of love with or odds and ends around your home that you don't have much use for. Trends and fads come and go but if you don't go through your home, clutter can take over.

Once you've taken a full assessment of your home and identified what needs to go, time to sort through it. Sure, tossing it all out would be the fast solution here but we recommend making three categories: junk, charity and undecided.

If it's broken, damaged beyond repair or something you're absolutely sure no one wants, then it's probably junk. That means garbage ? but make sure you only toss things that are yours of course.

If it's charity or undecided, you'll have to take another look at your piles. That sweater you got around the holidays that never quite fit can probably be donated, while other objects might earn a second chance at romance.

Ultimately, everything in your clutter pile was accepted and loved by you at some point. It's up to you to toss the things you no longer need, give away the things that are still good and maybe uncover an item or two you forgot about altogether.

Should you need any help once the clutter has been cleaned up, give Merry Maids of Saskatoon a call at 306-242-8288. You definitely deserve a break and our housecleaning can help you take back a bit more free time to kick back and relax.