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Why Merry Maids

Why Merry Maids of Saskatoon

When there are countless maid services to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you? There are a few things to look for of course!

With the maid services from Merry Maids of Saskatoon, you get much more than just maid services. Our process is very thorough and starts with having the right training and tools for getting your home perfectly clean.

Training each maid the same way is a great benefit to our customers. This ensures every maid cleaning your home will do so the same way. Consistency in our maid services is something in which we take pride.

The right tools also help differentiate our maid services. Through the use of customized maid services, each maid is able to remove more dirt and dust from your home every time. The cleaning solutions used by a Merry Maids of Saskatoon maid are custom made. This ensures each maid in your home is not using harmful chemicals to clean with.

Other maid services may use one cloth to clean your home. That means a maid could be using the same cloth in your bathroom as in your kitchen. A Merry Maids of Saskatoon maid uses colour coded cloths to ensure each room has its own cloth. This allows the maid in your home to avoid cross contamination between rooms. Furthermore, through the use of microfibre cloths, a maid from Merry Maids of Saskatoon can actually pick up and remove more dirt and dust during each visit.

Our backpack vacuums also help eliminate dust and dirt allowing each maid to bring out the best in your home. By using a small vacuum, Merry Maids of Saskatoon maid services reduce the chance of accidently scratching a floor or knocking something over during a cleaning. Also, the vacuum used by each maid traps contaminants rather than recycling it back into your home.

Saskatoon Cleaning Services provides a number of options to fit your needs and budget. Every maid is available for a variety of maid services best suited for your situation.

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